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High Quality Steel Rebar
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At Hammad Steel Industries our commitment to excellence extends beyond the bottom line. A solid technical foundation combined with continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment is essential in maintaining the competitive edge, we are enjoying for the last 36 years in the Turkish steel industry.

To ensure consistently high quality in our Steel Products and our services, we have a team of quality assurance professionals who vigilantly monitor the production process. Our highly qualified engineering team constantly integrates international product enhancements and manufacturing improvements with our agreed production facilities. In accordance with our quality assurance policy which conforms to ISO 9001:2008, routine testing is carried out, from raw materials and finished products via our material testing laboratories, which are equipped with chemical and mechanical testing capabilities, enabling us to conform to the most stringent international steel quality standards.

Process of production high quality steel
A process for producing high quality steel includes a first step of decarburizing the melt in a converter by top blowing with oxygen to a carbon content of less than 0.1% carbon. Next, carbon (comminuted coal) is delivered to the melt at a high velocity whereby the melt and slag will boil intensely with the carbon being delivered until the oxygen content of the melt is less than or equal to about 250-400 ppm oxygen and the carbon content is greater than or equal to about 0.04-0.07% carbon. In the third step, recarburization of the melt is effected in either the converter or a ladle whereupon a melt having as little oxygen as is reasonably possible; and carbon content close to that desired is achieved. Finally, in a fourth step, the melt (which is now in a ladle) is treated with synthetic slag and with a material that is both deoxidizing and desulphurizing (i.e., metallic calcium) whereby a high quality steel is produced.
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