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Quality Standard
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  No approval is given for any product delivery without the completion of all the necessary control procedures by the Hammad Steel Industries nominated laboratories pursuant to the standards on chemical and physical matters.

First, the results of all the inspection, test and measurement procedures appertaining to our products are evaluated on the basis of compliance with the required product standards and customer satisfaction and then the delivery approval is given.

Our Quality Control Chemical Laboratory

Raw Material Entry.
Semi-finished billet production process and result.
Product manufacturing stages.

Chemical Inspections and Measurements are performed in our Laboratory
Chemical inspection, test and measurement procedures are applied on to the all raw materials (ferro-alloys, refractory materials, refining additives, etc.) which affect our product quality, in their entry stage; and on the semi-finished and finished products in their processing and final control stages. The delivery approval is given after the completion of evaluation of the inspection and test results on the basis of compliance with the relevant product standards and in the direction of customer requests.

Our Quality Control Mechanical Laboratory
The inspection, test and measurement procedures carried out at our Quality Control Mechanical Laboratory begin with rhombic and curvature controls of the semi-finished steel billets produced in the steel work production process.

Quality philosophy of HAMMAD STEEL INDUSTRIES
To produce products complying with the national and international product and quality standards, to achieve the main target of ensuring customer and employee satisfaction, and to demonstrate perpetual improvement and development, by working in collaboration during all the activities.